TokenTraxx marketplace FAQs

How do I mint an NFT?

If you’re an artist who would like to mint NFTs on the TokenTraxx marketplace, please email

How do I get a wallet?

  1. Install Metamask in your browser here. For a detailed breakdown, follow this link

How do I add Matic to my wallet?

Step 1. Get the Polygon chain in your wallet

Add the required network (Polygon Mainnet) in your metamask using this link

Buying Matic with Moonpay

Step 1. Find an exchange

To buy Polygon you need to find a cryptocurrency exchange. The easiest way is via Moonpay which allows you to purchase MATIC simply with a debit card

Step 2. Enter the amount in MATIC or fiat currency that you wish to purchase

Step 3. Enter your MATIC wallet address

Step 4. Verify your email and basic information

Step 5. Enter your preferred payment details and confirm your purchase

How do I swap Matic to TRAXX tokens?

Once you have MATIC in your wallet you can use ApeSwap DEX to swap to TRAXX (on Polygon network). 1. Visit 2. Connect wallet (top right menu) 3. Select the drop down menu for the 'To' token, and search for 'TRAXX' 4. Enter amount of MATIC you wish to trade 5. Select 'Swap' & confirm the transaction from MetaMask 6. Once completed you can 'Add TRAXX to MetaMask' Remember you can always check the TRAXX contract address on: Polyscan CoinGecko CoinMarketCap

How do I view the TRAXX tokens in my wallet?

You can do this by tapping 'Import tokens' at the bottom of your asset list in MetaMask. In MetaMask, the symbol and decimals should auto-generate once you paste in the contract address.

  • Contract address: 0xD43Be54C1aedf7Ee4099104f2DaE4eA88B18A249

  • Token symbol: TRAXX

  • Decimals: 18

More on how to add custom tokens to MetaMask:

How do I buy an NFT?

  1. Please ensure you have Matic in your wallet and you are on the Polygon Mainnet Network (Not on Ethereum Mainnet), either through an exchange or on Polygon Faucet here (This can be used to cover the gas fees)

  2. Connect Metamask or choose WalletConnect to connect your wallet

    Screenshare - 2022-03-29 1_09_54 PM.mp4

  3. Select the NFT to wish to buy

  4. Proceed through the checkout process*

*You will need TRAXX Tokens in your wallet in order to purchase NFTs

Where can I buy TRAXX?

TRAXX is now listed and available to purchase on CEXs AscendEX and BitMart. TRAXX can be swapped for crypto on DEXs ApeSwap (Polygon) and Uniswap. Crypto can also be swapped for zTRAXX on XCAD Network (Zilliqa).

What currency can I use to buy TRAXX tokens?

USDC and USDT on Ethereum. B-USDT, B-USDC and BUSD on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

How do I import the NFTs that I purchased on the TokenTraxx platform to my MetaMask Mobile?

  1. Find the NFT's contract address (e.g. link to Etherscan will contain address)

  2. Copy the NFTs contract address to clipboard

  3. Tap on the 'NFTs' tab, and paste from clipboard to the 'Address' box.

  4. Find the NFT's ID, and copy this to the clipboard.

  5. Paste the ID into the 'ID' box in MetaMask, tap on the 'ADD' button, and your NFTs should appear under the NFTs tab.

For more help, read here:

Issues with connecting MetaMask on your desktop?

Clear your cookie cache, and then reinstall MetaMask.

Why is the transaction taking longer than expected?

You can speed up the transaction by ****adding more MATIC gas fees. This usually allows the transaction to be executed faster. Here is an additional step to speed up the transaction with 40Gwei:

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