How to Stake on XPortal or XCAD for Membership

How to stakeTRAXX on XPortal (Polygon or Ethereum)
1. Go to Xportal, and connect your custodial wallet. (MATIC & ETH) - or - Go to XCAD, and and connect your custodial wallet. (ZIL) 2. Type in your email address and stake the amount of TRAXX you need for your desired membership tier.
  • Silver - minimum 1000 TRAXX locked for 1 month. 10% APY
  • Gold - minimum 2,500 TRAXX locked for 3 months. 15% APY
  • Platinum - minimum 10,000 TRAXX locked for 6 months. 30% APY *no upper limit stake for each Membership tier If you need more TRAXX, you can top up: DEX ApeSwap (MATIC) or XCAD (ZIL). CEX AscendEX (ETH / MATIC) or BitMart (ETH). Then transfer the TRAXX to your custodial wallet.
3. You will get automatically approved by XPortal for the Membership level based on the staking period you selected. It may take a few days for your wallet to be added to the allowlist to claim your Membership Pass from the marketplace. Head to the Membership page to claim your level of membership.